001 Kham Duc, Camp Conroy, A Co home.jpg

002 Kham Duc, A Co TOC entrance.jpg

003 Kham Duc, C-124 D-7 offload preparation.jpg

004 Kham Duc, C-124 D-7 offloading.jpg

004a Capt Waldo rt with Sonny Bales in back, Lt Schrope on lt.jpg

004b Is this Jack R Murphy.jpg

005 Kham Duc, road to river.jpg

006 Kham Duc, river, rock source for base.jpg

007 Kham Duc, improvised rock screening machine, patent pending.jpg

008 Kham Duc, soil cement runway repair.jpg

009 Kham Duc, soil cement runway repair.jpg

010 Kham Duc, mixing soil cement.jpg

010a Anyone look familiar.jpg

010b Do you know him.jpg

010c Do these guys look familiar.jpg

011 Kham Duc, C-130 departing after fuel resupply.jpg

012 Kham Duc, resupply to Nok Tavak.jpg

013 Kham Duc, CH-47 shot down next to A Co perimeter.jpg

014 Kham Duc, mortar attack on Special Forces Camp.jpg

015 Kham Duc, B-52 bomb run east of SF camp.jpg

016 Kham Duc, A Co perimeter.jpg

017 Kham Duc, 3rd & last day of NVA attack.jpg

017a Who's this.jpg

017b Manning the 50 calibre.jpg

018 Kham Duc, next to runway waiting for our ride out of KD.jpg

019 Ban Me Thuot, Bailey Bridge after tank locked track in middle.jpg

020 Ban Me Thuot, Battalion base.jpg

021 Ban Me Thuot, Battalion base under construction.jpg

022 Ban Me Thuot, blown bridge.jpg

023 Ban Me Thuot, elephant in brush near Bn base.jpg

024 Ban Me Thuot, French villas after Tet.jpg

025 Ban Me Thuot, midday monsoon rain.jpg

026 Ban Me Thuot, python killed clearing for base.jpg

026 Ban Me Thuot, village near BMT base.jpg

027 Pleiku, pouring concrete Psy Ops building.jpg

028 Pleiku, Psy Ops building.jpg

029 Pleiku, Psy Ops concrete pour.jpg

030 Pleiku, Psy Ops conrete pour.jpg

031 Kham Duc 1970, A Co Equipment Left Behind.jpg

032 Kham Duc 1970, SF Camp remains, note bomb crators.jpg

033 Kham Duc Aerial 1970, note A Co camp next to parking apron.jpg

034 Kham Duc Aerial 1970, remains of C-130 next to A Co camp.jpg