001 Tanks have the right of way, 6-67.jpg

002 An Khe, Quarry, supply dump, 5-67.jpg

003 An Khe, Quarry, tamping down the charges, 5-67.jpg

004 An Khe, Quarry, the road up, 5-67.jpg

005 An Khe, Quarry, truck at the bottom, 5-67.jpg

006 An Khe, road going to someplace, 6-67.jpg

007 An Khe, road going where, 5-67.jpg

008 An Khe, road repair, maybe back road to quarry, 6-67.jpg

009 A20, picture taken by the Shadow.jpg

010 An Khe, road to where, 5-67.jpg

011 An Khe, seems to be some problem with main bridge, 6-67.jpg

012 An Khe, some locals waving at Atwood, 6-67.jpg

013 An Khe, some sort of pill box, 6-67.jpg

014 An Khe, somebody's monkey, probably Paula, 5-67.jpg

015 An Khe, still another plane, 5-67.jpg

016 An Khe, tank on the way to QuiNhon maybe, 6-67.jpg

017 An Khe, unknown airplane.jpg

018 A-25T, tool trailer.jpg

019 An Khe, used jeep lot, 6-67.jpg

020 An Khe, utilizing a Bailey bridge, 6-67.jpg

021 An Khe, utilizing the Bailey bridge, 6-67.jpg

022 An Khe, view from aloft.jpg

023 An Khe, yet another chopper, 5-67.jpg

024 Pleiku, HCCS building, 6-67.jpg

025 An Khe, 5-ton ready for quarry duty, 5-67.jpg

026 An Khe, airplane flying by, 5-67.jpg

027 Airplanes parked.jpg

028 An Khe, another blast or sunrise.jpg

029 An Khe, another chopper landing.jpg

030 An Khe, another fly by, 5-67.jpg

031 An Khe, another plane flying by, 5-67.jpg

032 An Khe, another plane in the sky, 6-67.jpg

033 An Khe, another view from atop the Quarry, 5-67.jpg

034 An Khe, Atwood and SP4 Major, 6-67.jpg

035 An Khe, Atwood in up to his, 6-67.jpg

036 An Khe, back door to CP or Officers' quarters.jpg

037 An Khe, Atwood must have been waving, 5-67.jpg

038 An Khe, Atwood posing at culvert.jpg

039 An Khe, Atwood with boonie cap, 6-67.jpg

040 An Khe, base camp, plane coming in, 5-67.jpg

041 An Khe, bird's eye view.jpg

042 An Khe, bridge damage, 6-67.jpg

043 An Khe, bridge missing a span or two, 6-67.jpg

044 An Khe, bridge or roller coaster, 6-67.jpg

045 An Khe, Company Sign.jpg

046 An Khe, bunker, bicycle and outhouse.jpg

047 An Khe, bypass grading, 6-67.jpg

048 An Khe, bypassing the blown bridge, 6-67.jpg

049 An Khe, checking for land mines maybe, 6-67.jpg

050 An Khe, chopper flying by, 5-67.jpg

051 An Khe, Chopper landing.jpg

052 An Khe, chopper on highway, 6-67.jpg

053 An Khe, chopper on the ground.jpg

054 An Khe, CO's tent or Officer's quarters.jpg

055 An Khe, chopper over base camp, 5-67.jpg

056 An Khe, choppers in formation2, 5-67.jpg

057 An Khe, choppers in formation, 5-67.jpg

058 An Khe, cow, 5-67.jpg

059 An Khe, culvert work maybe, 6-67.jpg

060 An Khe, culvert work, setting beaver trap, 6-67.jpg

061 An Khe, culvert work, top part of picture missing, 6-67.jpg

062 An Khe, definitely not, maybe QuiNhon, 6-67.jpg

063 An Khe, CP or Supply maybe.jpg

064 An Khe, drive by, guard tower, 5-67.jpg

065 An Khe, formation of choppers.jpg

066 An Khe, get out of the road, 6-67.jpg

067 An Khe, Home of the 84th, 5-67.jpg

068 An Khe, how's my backside, 6-67.jpg

069 An Khe, local gang, 6-67.jpg

070 Kontum, local Shell station, 6-67.jpg

071 Kontum, local Shell station2, 6-67.jpg

072 An Khe, down the road from Company A.jpg

073 An Khe, looking back at Radcliff from Quarry, 5-67.jpg

074 An Khe, looking off in the distance, 5-67.jpg

075 An Khe, looks like a convoy coming, 6-67.jpg

076 An Khe, looks like more convoy, 6-67.jpg

077 An Khe, looks like rock to me, 5-67.jpg

078 An Khe, looks like some nasty weather headed our way.jpg

079 An Khe, might be a toll culvert site, 6-67.jpg

080 An Khe, nice barracks, now sand bag it, 6-67.jpg

081 An Khe, drive-in theater.jpg

082 An Khe, not much left of the front end, 6-67.jpg

083 An Khe, not the best road, 6-67.jpg

084 An Khe, one of the passes again, 6-67.jpg

085 An Khe, one of the passes, 6-67.jpg

086 An Khe, one of the passes, convoy, 6-67.jpg

087 An Khe, outdoor mall, 6-67.jpg

088 An Khe, outside of Camp Radcliff, 6-67.jpg

089 An Khe, perhaps, Camp Radcliff perimeter again, 6-67.jpg

090 An Khe, drive-in with chopper.jpg

091 An Khe, perhaps, Camp Radcliff perimeter, 6-67.jpg

092 An Khe, perimeter road, 5-67.jpg

093 An Khe, picture of possible air strike.jpg

094 An Khe, picture taken on the move, 5-67.jpg

095 An Khe, picture taken out the window, 5-67.jpg

096 An Khe, plane coming down, 5-67.jpg

097 An Khe, Quarry top looking at chopper.jpg

098 An Khe, Quarry work from jeep.jpg

099 An Khe, looks like up hill from the mess hall.jpg

100 An Khe, Quarry, 5 tons going up for a load.jpg

101 An Khe, Quarry, A24 maybe, 5-67.jpg

102 An Khe, Quarry, a blast.jpg

103 An Khe, Quarry, another view down, 5-67.jpg

104 An Khe, Quarry, beginning of blast, 5-67.jpg

105 An Khe, Quarry, blasting again2, 5-67.jpg

106 An Khe, Quarry, blasting again, 5-67.jpg

107 An Khe, Quarry, blasting, 5-67.jpg

108 An Khe, Mess Hall.jpg

109 An Khe, Quarry, coming down in a 3 quarter, 5-67.jpg

110 An Khe, Quarry, dozer and trailer.jpg

111 An Khe, Quarry, drilling blast holes, 5-67.jpg

112 An Khe, Quarry, drilling crew in action, 5-67.jpg

113 An Khe, Quarry, drilling operation, 5-67.jpg

114 An Khe, Quarry, either a blast or sunrise.jpg

115 An Khe, Quarry, equipment at the bottom, 5-67.jpg

116 An Khe, Quarry, equipment near the edge, 5-67.jpg

117 An Khe, perimeter guard tower on line.jpg

118 An Khe, Quarry, getting ready for a blast.jpg

119 An Khe, Quarry, it's a long way down, 5-67.jpg

120 An Khe, Quarry, kids running compressor, 5-67.jpg

121 An Khe, Quarry, local about to shove drill down hill maybe, 5-67.jpg

122 An Khe, Quarry, local looking out, 5-67.jpg

123 An Khe, Quarry, looking back at Hon Cong Mt., 5-67.jpg

124 An Khe, Quarry, looking down from above.jpg

125 An Khe, Quarry, looking down on the equipment, 5-67.jpg

126 An Khe, perimeter lighting.jpg

127 An Khe, Quarry, looking down, 5-67.jpg

128 An Khe, Quarry, looking over rice paddies, 5-67.jpg

129 An Khe, Quarry, looking up.jpg

130 An Khe, Quarry, men off load, CMIFCs chat.jpg

131 An Khe, Quarry, more blasting, 5-67.jpg

132 An Khe, Quarry, more rock, and Atwood's thumb, maybe.jpg

133 An Khe, Quarry, plane going by, 5-67.jpg

134 An Khe, Quarry, remember not to wave at Smothers.jpg

135 An Khe, planes on the ground.jpg

136 An Khe, Quarry, road system below, 5-67.jpg

137 An Khe, Quarry, running the compressor, 5-67.jpg

138 An Khe, Quarry, setting a charge.jpg

139 An Khe, Quarry, small blast, 5-67.jpg

140 An Khe, Quarry, some of that good rock.jpg

141 An Khe, Quarry, some of the guys preparing to blast, 5-67.jpg

142 An Khe, 2nd plt. jeep, 7-67.jpg

143 An Khe, 2nd plt. jeep, gunner Atwood, 7-67.jpg

144 An Khe, Quarry, working at the bottom of the hill.jpg

145 An Khe, airplane down2, 7-67.jpg

146 An Khe, airplane down, 7-67.jpg

147 An Khe, another landing, 7-67.jpg

148 An Khe, Atwood in Commo, 7-67.jpg

149 An Khe, Atwood with wreckage, 7-67.jpg

150 An Khe, bridge building, 6-67.jpg

151 An Khe, chopper creating a little dust, 7-67.jpg

152 An Khe, coke please, 6-67.jpg

153 An Khe, sub area command, logistical complex.jpg

154 An Khe, coming in for a landing, 7-67.jpg

155 An Khe, Company A sign, 7-67.jpg

156 An Khe, Company A, CP, 7-67.jpg

157 An Khe, damage to the rebuttment, 6-67.jpg

158 An Khe, damaged truck along the road, 6-67.jpg

159 An Khe, dumping a load, 6-67.jpg

160 An Khe, dumping a load, watchers, 6-67.jpg

161 An Khe, earthmover, 7-67.jpg

162 Another chopper picture from An Khe.jpg

163 An Khe, getting ready to pour latrine slab, 7-67.jpg

164 An Khe, go around it, 6-67.jpg

165 An Khe, going in, Sgt who, 6-67.jpg

166 An Khe, going on patrol, maybe, 7-67.jpg

167 An Khe, hauling dirt, 6-67.jpg

168 An Khe, heavy equipment, 7-67.jpg

169 An Khe, horse and buggy, 7-67.jpg

170 An Khe, houses outside Camp Radcliff, 7-67.jpg

171 ARVN police, roadside stop.jpg

172 An Khe, in front of Company A.jpg

173 An Khe, Jones and Mora2, 7-67.jpg

174 An Khe, Jones and Mora, 7-67.jpg

175 An Khe, just outside Camp Radcliff, 6-67.jpg

176 An Khe, keep the water flowing, 6-67.jpg

177 An Khe, local mother with kids, 7-67.jpg

178 An Khe, locals along the road, 7-67.jpg

179 An Khe, meeting down by the riverside, 6-67.jpg

180 Atwood on the road, and he's armed.jpg

181 An Khe, on top of Hon Cong Mt., 7-67.jpg

182 An Khe, patching, A21, 7-67.jpg

183 An Khe, play day, getting ready for tug of war, 7-67.jpg

184 An Khe, play day, tug of war going good, 7-67.jpg

185 An Khe, play day, tug of war, 7-67.jpg

186 An Khe, play day, tug of war, a real battle, 7-67.jpg

187 An Khe, play day, tug of war, dig in those heels, 7-67.jpg

188 An Khe, play day, tug of war, get ready, get set, go, 7-67.jpg

189 Atwood outside of tent, looks bushed.jpg

190 An Khe, play day, tug of war, lining up, 7-67.jpg

191 An Khe, play day, tug of war, move that flag, 7-67.jpg

192 An Khe, play day, tug of war, move that line, 7-67.jpg

193 An Khe, play day, tug of war, pull harder, 7-67.jpg

194 An Khe, play day, tug of war, start the battle, 7-67.jpg

195 An Khe, play day, tug of war, still battling, 7-67.jpg

196 An Khe, play day, tug of war, still going strong, 7-67.jpg

197 An Khe, play day, wheel barrow race, 7-67.jpg

198 Atwood's tent and shower shoes maybe.jpg

199 An Khe, play day, wheel barrow race, fill the barrel, 7-67.jpg

200 An Khe, play day, wheel barrow races, push, 7-67.jpg

201 An Khe, Quarry guard bunkers2, 7-67.jpg

202 An Khe, Quarry lunchtime, C rations, 6-67.jpg

203 An Khe, Quarry, a little closer and no outhouse, 6-67.jpg

204 An Khe, Quarry, a little shovel work, 6-67.jpg

205 An Khe, Quarry, blasting again2, 6-67.jpg

206 An Khe, Quarry, blasting again, 6-67.jpg

207 Back just a little further.jpg

208 An Khe, Quarry, blasting, ever blasting, 6-67.jpg

209 An Khe, Quarry, checking the blast, 6-67.jpg

210 An Khe, Quarry, fire in the hole, 6-67.jpg

211 An Khe, Quarry, getting ready to blast, 6-67.jpg

212 An Khe, Quarry, guard bunkers, 7-67.jpg

213 An Khe, Quarry, just outside my bunker, 6-67.jpg

214 An Khe, Quarry, loose rock, 6-67.jpg

215 An Khe, Quarry, lunchtime, 6-67.jpg

216 Bridge approach on Highway who knows.jpg

217 An Khe, Quarry, meanwhile, back at, 6-67.jpg

218 An Khe, Quarry, more loose rock, 6-67.jpg

219 An Khe, Quarry, more rock, 6-67.jpg

220 An Khe, Quarry, more scenery, 6-67.jpg

221 An Khe, Quarry, possibly Cpt Hall, 6-67.jpg

222 An Khe, Quarry, priming the hole a little more, 6-67.jpg

223 An Khe, Quarry, priming the hole, 6-67.jpg

224 An Khe, Quarry, red flare by day, 6-67.jpg

225 Building the shute.jpg

226 An Khe, Quarry, shovel, 6-67.jpg

227 An Khe, Quarry, track drill vs jeep, 6-67.jpg

228 An Khe, Quarry, view from guard post, 7-67.jpg

229 An Khe, Quarry, where there's smoke there's fire, 6-67.jpg

230 An Khe, Quarry, yet another blast, 6-67.jpg

231 An Khe, sandbagging around the culvert, 6-67.jpg

232 An Khe, search & destroy, ready to go, 7-67.jpg

233 An Khe, search and destroy terrain, 7-67.jpg

234 Chopper between two beams.jpg

235 An Khe, search and destroy, 7-67.jpg

236 An Khe, search and destroy, Atwood ready to go, 7-67.jpg

237 An Khe, search and destroy, Hall on phone, Dowell left, Mora right, 7-67.jpg

238 An Khe, search and destroy, Lamonica on right, 7-67.jpg

239 An Khe, search and destroy, leader Atwood, 7-67.jpg

240 An Khe, search and destroy, lineup, 7-67.jpg

241 An Khe, search and destroy,radioman, Barry Johnson, others unknown 7-67.jpg

242 An Khe, search and destroy, undercover, 7-67.jpg

243 Chopper over compound.jpg

244 An Khe, some locals along side a bunker, 6-67.jpg

245 An Khe, Supply going up, 7-67.jpg

246 An Khe, takeoff, 7-67.jpg

247 An Khe, tanks coming down the road, 6-67.jpg

248 Bring in the chopper, 6-67.jpg

249 Definitely not An Khe, 6-67.jpg

250 Kids have the right of way, 6-67.jpg

251 Aerial view of airstrip and river, 10-67.jpg

252 Choppers heading out on a mission.jpg

253 Aerial view of maybe Camp Radcliff2, 10-67.jpg

254 Aerial view of maybe Camp Radcliff, 10-67.jpg

255 Aerial view of river and camp, 10-67.jpg

256 Aerial view of someplace, 10-67.jpg

257 Aerial view of what and where, 10-67.jpg

258 Aerial view of where, 10-67.jpg

259 Air terminal somewhere, 8-67.jpg

260 An Khe, airfield, 7-67.jpg

261 Chute from below.jpg

262 An Khe, Atwood looking tough, 7-67.jpg

263 An Khe, Atwood resting, 7-67.jpg

264 An Khe, chopper in the sky, 7-67.jpg

265 An Khe, chopper wreckage, 7-67.jpg

266 An Khe, concrete slab for what, 7-67.jpg

267 An Khe, looks like the new Supply area, 7-67.jpg

268 An Khe, maybe Sgt Trammel, 7-67.jpg

269 An Khe, new building near Company A, 7-67.jpg

270 Cleaning jeep out.jpg

271 An Khe, new Supply going up, 7-67.jpg

272 An Khe, plane in the sky, 7-67.jpg

273 An Khe, Quarry guard assembling, 7-67.jpg

274 An Khe, Quarry guard bunker, 7-67.jpg

275 An Khe, Quarry guard duty another view, 7-67.jpg

276 An Khe, Quarry guard duty, 7-67.jpg

277 An Khe, Quarry guard layout from crow's nest, 7-67.jpg

278 An Khe, Quarry guard on duty, 7-67.jpg

279 Come on back a little more.jpg

280 An Khe, Quarry guard post, up or down, 7-67.jpg

281 An Khe, Quarry guard, a little repelent in helmet, 7-67.jpg

282 An Khe, Quarry guard, another view, 7-67.jpg

283 An Khe, Quarry guard, Atwood getting bird's eye view, 7-67.jpg

284 An Khe, Quarry guard, Atwood in command post, 7-67.jpg

285 An Khe, Quarry guard, crow's nest, 7-67.jpg

286 An Khe, Quarry guard, view of An Khe, 7-67.jpg

287 An Khe, Quarry or perimeter guard post, note M16, 7-67.jpg

288 Commo bunker someplace.jpg

289 An Khe, Quarry, command post maybe, 7-67.jpg

290 An Khe, Quarry, plane flying by, 7-67.jpg

291 An Khe, road patching, 7-67.jpg

292 An Khe, road repair, patching, 7-67.jpg

293 An Khe, sharing with the locals, 7-67.jpg

294 An Khe, view of one of the passes, 7-67.jpg

295 Pleiku, one of the camps, 10-67.jpg

296 Pleiku, 2nd plt out on the road, 10-67.jpg

297 Crusher operation.jpg

298 Pleiku, 299th, motor pool area, 10-67.jpg

299 Pleiku, 299th, big brass in area, 10-67.jpg

300 Pleiku, 299th, our new home2, 10-67.jpg

301 Pleiku, 299th, our new home, 10-67.jpg

302 Pleiku, 299th, that Jones boy again, 10-67.jpg

303 Pleiku, A20, Weirdo and who, 10-67.jpg

304 Pleiku, A25 gunner2, 10-67.jpg

305 Pleiku, A25 gunner, 10-67.jpg

306 Dirty job, but someone has to do it.jpg

307 Pleiku, a serene area, 10-67.jpg

308 Pleiku, area's a tad muddy, 10-67.jpg

309 Pleiku, Atwood at Lake Bien Hoa, 10-67.jpg

310 Pleiku, Atwood loaded for bear2, 10-67.jpg

311 Pleiku, Atwood loaded for bear, 10-67.jpg

312 Pleiku, Atwood modeling flak jacket, 10-67.jpg

313 Pleiku, chopper and film damage or flare, 10-67.jpg

314 Pleiku, chopper bay, 10-67.jpg

315 Doorman was a lieutenant.jpg

316 Pleiku, chopper by twilight, 10-67.jpg

317 Pleiku, clearing a larger area, 10-67.jpg

318 Pleiku, clearing land, 10-67.jpg

319 Pleiku, friend or foe, 10-67.jpg

320 Pleiku, getting ready to work, 10-67.jpg

321 Pleiku, it takes a ladder to get off one of these, 10-67.jpg

322 Pleiku, Lady supervising work, 10-67.jpg

323 Pleiku, Lake Bien Hoa, 10-67.jpg

324 Dozer work around barracks.jpg

325 Pleiku, maybe Cpt Hall checking out bridge.jpg

326 Pleiku, maybe Cpt Hall holding tape, 10-67.jpg

327 Pleiku, new camp site, 10-67.jpg

328 Pleiku, reconning the area, 10-67.jpg

329 Pleiku, river front home, 10-67.jpg

330 Pleiku, road patrol, 10-67.jpg

331 Pleiku, road security 10-67.jpg

332 Pleiku, road security churning up dust, 10-67.jpg

333 Dumping a load.jpg

334 Pleiku, road security in the form of a tank, 10-67.jpg

335 Pleiku, roadside lunch maybe, 10-67.jpg

336 Pleiku, small aircraft landing, 10-67.jpg

337 Pleiku, some local kids, 10-67.jpg

338 Pleiku, still clearing the area, 10-67.jpg

339 Pleiku, stringing lighting, 10-67.jpg

340 Pleiku, that camp again, 10-67.jpg

341 Pleiku, the lovely Lady, 10-67.jpg

342 Dumping a load of sand, maybe.jpg

343 Pleiku, twilight, 10-67.jpg

344 Pleiku, Weirdo and Atwood, 10-67.jpg

345 Pleiku, Young and local on 5 ton, 10-67.jpg

346 Pleiku, Young, Lady and who, 10-67.jpg

347 An Khe, another landing2, 7-67.jpg

348 Aerial view somewhere in Vietnam, 10-67.jpg

349 B and W, unknown1.jpg

350 B and W, unknown2.jpg

351 Dumping a load, screen in operation.jpg

352 B and W, unknown3.jpg

353 B and W, unknown4.jpg

354 B and W, unknown5.jpg

355 B and W, unknown6.jpg

356 B and W, unknown7.jpg

357 B and W, unknown8.jpg

358 B and W, unknown9.jpg

359 B and W, unknown10.jpg

360 Esso station, where.jpg

361 B and W, unknown11.jpg

362 B and W, unknown12.jpg

363 Medical facilitiy, maybe, 10-67.jpg

364 Pleiku, 299th, Atwood with yet another weapon, 12-67.jpg

365 Pleiku, 299th, snowman at night, 12-67.jpg

366 Pleiku, 299th, snowman gets a paint job from Marchewka, 12-67.jpg

367 Pleiku, 299th, snowman needs to be painted, 12-67.jpg

368 Pleiku, 299th, snowman with his twin, 12-67.jpg

369 Firing up the generator, Nolte in charge.jpg

370 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, Atwood working with California snow, 12-67.jpg

371 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, early stages, 12-67.jpg

372 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, hi, where's my head, 12-67.jpg

373 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, missing his hat, 12-67.jpg

374 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, still hatless, 12-67.jpg

375 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, Waldo unsure of snow, 12-67.jpg

376 Pleiku, 299th, snowman, with the model, 12-67.jpg

377 Pleiku, chopper in its bay, 10-67.jpg

378 Heavy artillery.jpg

379 Pleiku, dozer work, 10-67.jpg

380 Pleiku, Highway 509, a little security, 11-67.jpg

381 Pleiku, Highway 509, a lonely trailer, 11-67.jpg

382 Pleiku, Highway 509, a lot of culvert, 11-67.jpg

383 Pleiku, Highway 509, another view of the compound, 11-67.jpg

384 Pleiku, Highway 509, Atwood down by the river side, 11-67.jpg

385 Pleiku, Highway 509, Atwood holding back a tank, 11-67.jpg

386 Pleiku, Highway 509, Atwood with non-traditional weaponry, 11-67.jpg

387 Hoa Hue where ever.jpg

388 Pleiku, Highway 509, Atwood with yet another unauthorized weapon, 11-67.jpg

389 Pleiku, Highway 509, bath time, 11-67.jpg

390 Pleiku, Highway 509, bridge being lined up, 11-67.jpg

391 Pleiku, Highway 509, bridge being moved in, 11-67.jpg

392 Pleiku, Highway 509, bridge being placed, 11-67.jpg

393 Pleiku, Highway 509, bridge going down, 11-67.jpg

394 Pleiku, Highway 509, bridge needs a little fixing, 11-67.jpg

395 Pleiku, Highway 509, camp area, 11-67.jpg

396 Home of the 70th.jpg

397 Pleiku, Highway 509, chit chat, 11-67.jpg

398 Pleiku, Highway 509, clearing a path to the river, 11-67.jpg

399 Pleiku, Highway 509, communication center, 11-67.jpg

400 Pleiku, Highway 509, daily mine sweep, 11-67.jpg

401 Pleiku, Highway 509, damaged equipment, 11-67.jpg

402 Pleiku, Highway 509, digging in, 11-67.jpg

403 Pleiku, Highway 509, dug in, 11-67.jpg

404 Pleiku, Highway 509, eventually will clear this land, 11-67.jpg

405 Hon Cong Mt. from the CP.jpg

406 Pleiku, Highway 509, forced smile on Atwood, 11-67.jpg

407 Pleiku, Highway 509, home sweet home, 11-67.jpg

408 Pleiku, Highway 509, is this Lt Weirdo, 11-67.jpg

409 Pleiku, Highway 509, laundry day, 11-67.jpg

410 Pleiku, Highway 509, laundry day, drying time, 11-67.jpg

411 Pleiku, Highway 509, Little on tank and others, 11-67.jpg

412 Pleiku, Highway 509, looking down the road, 11-67.jpg

413 Pleiku, Highway 509, looking over the compound, 11-67.jpg

414 I don't know what this is.jpg

415 Pleiku, Highway 509, maybe Atwood's home, 11-67.jpg

416 Pleiku, Highway 509, maybe Little in bunker, 11-67.jpg

417 Pleiku, Highway 509, medivac chopper, maybe, 11-67.jpg

418 Pleiku, Highway 509, medivac maybe, 11-67.jpg

419 Pleiku, Highway 509, mine sweeping, 11-67.jpg

420 Collage, drilling.jpg

421 Collage, Blasting.jpg

422 Pleiku, Highway 509, one that didn't explode, 11-67.jpg

423 Inside officers quarters.jpg

424 Pleiku, Highway 509, our camp site, 11-67.jpg

425 Pleiku, Highway 509, our so-called protection, 11-67.jpg

426 Pleiku, Highway 509, outside the communications bunker, 11-67.jpg

427 Pleiku, Highway 509, personal hygeine, 11-67.jpg

428 Pleiku, Highway 509, pretty, but deadly, 12-67.jpg

429 Pleiku, Highway 509, quite the view, 11-67.jpg

430 Pleiku, Highway 509, serene camp site, 11-67.jpg

431 Pleiku, Highway 509, sleeping quarters, 11-67.jpg

432 Jeep being serviced.jpg

433 Pleiku, Highway 509, sleeping under the stars, 11-67.jpg

434 Pleiku, Highway 509, smoldering truck, 11-67.jpg

435 Pleiku, Highway 509, something along the road, 12-67.jpg

436 Pleiku, Highway 509, something destroyed, 11-67.jpg

437 Pleiku, Highway 509, tank getting in position, 11-67.jpg

438 Pleiku, Highway 509, tanks show fire power, 11-67.jpg

439 Pleiku, Highway 509, tent area, 11-67.jpg

440 Pleiku, Highway 509, tent arrangement, 11-67.jpg

441 Jeep sliding in mud, repeat.jpg

442 Pleiku, Highway 509, the road home maybe, 11-67.jpg

443 Pleiku, Highway 509, uncertain what's going on, 11-67.jpg

444 Pleiku, Highway 509, what's with the trucks, 11-67.jpg

445 Pleiku, land clearing along the road, 10-67.jpg

446 Pleiku, Smother's accident maybe, 11-67.jpg

447 Pleiku, yet another chopper, 10-67.jpg

448 An Khe communications barracks, Major maybe.jpg

449 Jungle boot, stepping on what.jpg

450 Large transport.jpg

451 An Khe, 1st Cav laundry.jpg

452 An Khe, 1st Cav water tower.jpg

453 An Khe, a big wasp ready to strike.jpg

454 An Khe, A20 being serviced.jpg

455 An Khe, A20, Atwood's jeep.jpg

456 An Khe, airplane on runway.jpg

457 An Khe, another jeep's eye view.jpg

458 Lawn chairs, bargain price.jpg

459 Lights not much good in all that dust.jpg

460 An Khe, Atwood and his Saturday night date.jpg

461 An Khe, Atwood and old reliable A20.jpg

462 An Khe, Atwood at demolished bridge site.jpg

463 An Khe, Atwood conducting class.jpg

464 An Khe, Atwood hustling to get in.jpg

465 An Khe, Atwood supervising.jpg

466 An Khe, Atwood talking on phone.jpg

467 Lining up the truck.jpg

468 Little dusty by the crusher.jpg

469 An Khe, Atwood's star pupil.jpg

470 An Khe, Check Point 88, maybe.jpg

471 An Khe, chopper in field.jpg

472 An Khe, coming into town.jpg

473 An Khe, Company A area.jpg

474 An Khe, Company area, unknowns.jpg

475 An Khe, cow barn.jpg

476 Local doing some culvert work.jpg

477 Locals with some tires.jpg

478 An Khe, demolished bridge site.jpg

479 An Khe, downtown area.jpg

480 An Khe, dream on soldier.jpg

481 An Khe, farm house.jpg

482 An Khe, fields in the area.jpg

483 An Khe, flock of choppers off in the mist.jpg

484 An Khe, Fort Benning laundry.jpg

485 Lone biker club.jpg

486 Lunch time.jpg

487 An Khe, frame work for building.jpg

488 An Khe, frame work for motor pool maybe.jpg

489 An Khe, guard tower along perimeter.jpg

490 An Khe, guard tower down the slope.jpg

491 An Khe, home of the Kodiaks.jpg

492 An Khe, house outside Camp Radcliff maybe.jpg

493 An Khe, houses outside Camp Radcliff.jpg

494 Airplane repair.jpg

495 Maybe air control tower.jpg

496 An Khe, jeep on grease rack.jpg

497 An Khe, jeep's eye view of bridge.jpg

498 An Khe, Kim's ice and laundry.jpg

499 An Khe, Lady in motor pool area.jpg

500 An Khe, laundry day, must be Monday.jpg

501 An Khe, local resting along the way.jpg

502 An Khe, local trasportation.jpg

503 An Khe, A21, getting ready to start the day.jpg

504 Men in charge, Nolte in middle.jpg

505 An Khe, local Wal-Mart.jpg

506 An Khe, looks like a deer stand.jpg

507 An Khe, looks like a deer stand2.jpg

508 An Khe, looks like a plane crash scene.jpg

509 An Khe, maybe Major in commo.jpg

510 An Khe, Mora in commo.jpg

511 An Khe, more scenery.jpg

512 An Khe, Atwood and pal.jpg

513 More airplanes.jpg

514 An Khe, motor pool, maybe Cates and Atwood in pit.jpg

515 An Khe, muddy path home.jpg

516 An Khe, one horse power.jpg

517 An Khe, one of the line barracks.jpg

518 An Khe, outdoor motor pool.jpg

519 An Khe, oxen and wagon.jpg

520 An Khe, parked chopper.jpg

521 An Khe, Atwood down by the motor pool.jpg

522 More dirt.jpg

523 An Khe, picture of local truck from back of 3 quarter.jpg

524 An Khe, pouring a slab.jpg

525 An Khe, pretty scenery.jpg

526 An Khe, quaint bridge.jpg

527 An Khe, quite a load.jpg

528 An Khe, relaxing in commo.jpg

529 An Khe, rural habitation.jpg

530 An Khe, Atwood playing soldier.jpg

531 Motor Pool area somewhere.jpg

532 An Khe, rural highway.jpg

533 An Khe, rural housing.jpg

534 An Khe, securing hill.jpg

535 An Khe, shoe shine, mister.jpg

536 An Khe, some fortification.jpg

537 An Khe, some locals headed to town.jpg

538 An Khe, start of the officer's quarters maybe.jpg

539 An Khe, Atwood's jeep driver.jpg

540 Motor Pool over someone's back.jpg

541 An Khe, talking it over at the crash site.jpg

542 An Khe, time for mid-morning snack.jpg

543 An Khe, unknown driver.jpg

544 An Khe, unknown jeep driver.jpg

545 An Khe, vehicle interior, housing exterior.jpg

546 An Khe, wave to the camera.jpg

547 An Khe, weird shot in commo.jpg

548 An Khe, back of 5-ton, sit down.jpg

549 Nice new barracks.jpg

550 An Khe, what's left of an airplane.jpg

551 An Khe, who on the jeep, Mora in the back.jpg

552 An Khe, wipe that sneer off your face, Don.jpg

553 An Khe, wood stock pile.jpg

554 Anyone know what this is.jpg

555 Fortified camp site somewhere.jpg

556 Qui Nhon, Army Military Police Station, Provost Marshal.jpg

557 An Khe, Canada Restaurant or was it Qui Nhon.jpg

558 Nice new tent.jpg

559 Where was this.jpg

560 An Khe, chopper hovering over concertina wire.jpg

561 An Khe, chopper on pad.jpg

562 An Khe, choppers leaving port.jpg

563 An Khe, choppers on the ground at port.jpg

564 An Khe, gunship.jpg

565 An Khe, gunship another view.jpg

566 An Khe, gunship from front.jpg

567 Officers tent.jpg

568 An Khe, someone, somewhere.jpg

569 An Khe, who by the water wagon.jpg

570 Ank Khe, paying the help.jpg

571 Atwood resting on sandbags.jpg

572 Body along the road, maybe.jpg

573 Camp site, aerial view.jpg

574 Camp site, aerial view2.jpg

575 Camp site, aerial view3.jpg

576 On the road again with the jeep.jpg

577 Camp site, aerial view4, local housing.jpg

578 Camp site, aerial view5.jpg

579 Camp site, aerial view6, pox marks on land.jpg

580 Camp site, aerial view7, stretch of highway.jpg

581 Camp site, aerial view8, off highway across from pond.jpg

582 Camp site, aerial view, looks like a local church.jpg

583 Camp site, aerial view, maybe 299th.jpg

584 Camp site, aerial view, more farms.jpg

585 Plank airfield.jpg

586 Camp site, aerial view, nearby farms.jpg

587 Camp site, aerial view, nearby village.jpg

588 Chopper caught in concertina wire.jpg

589 Chopper flying over head.jpg

590 Chopper flying over head2.jpg

591 Chopper over crusher maybe.jpg

592 Clearing land somewhere.jpg

593 Future officers' quarters, maybe repeat.jpg

594 Prather Laundry, number one.jpg

595 Jeep sliding on muddy road.jpg

596 Local carrying shoe.jpg

597 Local old man.jpg

598 Locals and our guys on break2.jpg

599 Locals and our guys taking a break.jpg

600 Locals at the culvert site.jpg

601 Locals culvert work near completion.jpg

602 Locals down by the riverside.jpg

603 Preparing to pass slow moving truck and chopper.jpg

604 Locals helping with culvert.jpg

605 Locals outside of camp.jpg

606 Locals still working on culvert.jpg

607 Locals working to put in culvert.jpg

608 Mansoon season.jpg

609 Mansoon season still.jpg

610 Mansoon season water hole.jpg

611 More plane wreckage.jpg

612 Pry up a little further.jpg

613 Motor pool, maybe An Khe.jpg

614 Nest of choppers.jpg

615 Officers' quarters, An Khe or Pleiku.jpg

616 Plane on runway.jpg

617 Plane stripped down.jpg

618 Pleiku, A35.jpg

619 Pleiku, Atwood waiting outside 84th maybe.jpg

620 Pleiku, award ceremony, 2 guys.jpg

621 PSgt Nolte hand on hip, unknown Sgt squatting, unknown E-6 right.jpg

622 Pleiku, falling out the troops for some medal recipients.jpg

623 Pleiku, Highway 509, Atwood on the road.jpg

624 Pleiku, Highway 509, hit mine 11-10-67, PSG Davis & Sgt Emminger hurt.jpg

625 Pleiku, Highway 509, jeep needs cleaned.jpg

626 Pleiku, Highway 509, medevac chopper landing.jpg

627 Pleiku, loading up damaged chopper.jpg

628 Pleiku, remains of chopper.jpg

629 Pleiku, snowman gets a broom.jpg

630 Qui Nhon, landing craft.jpg

631 Pleiku, snowman, the only one in Pleiku.jpg

632 Pleiku, what the chopper should look like.jpg

633 PSP holding back the tide.jpg

634 Putting culvert together.jpg

635 Repeat of mud scene.jpg

636 Repeat, 5-ton.jpg

637 Repeat, rainy day in An Khe.jpg

638 Small plane taking off or landing.jpg

639 Qui Nhon, on the beach.jpg

640 Swimming over to the latrine.jpg

641 Tent sweet tent.jpg

642 This may be boom boom.jpg

643 Twin engine.jpg

644 Working in the rain.jpg

645 Dust-Off choppers.jpg

646 Roadside camp.jpg

647 Roadside shrine.jpg

648 Rock crusher, I assume.jpg

649 Sandbag detail.jpg

650 Scenery along side the road.jpg

651 Scenic picture.jpg

652 Sky crane hauling airplane.jpg

653 Slap a little more paint on it.jpg

654 Some sort of screen.jpg

655 Somebody sitting on jeep.jpg

656 Storm coming in.jpg

657 Strip mall on the main drag.jpg

658 Tent grounds.jpg

659 Throwing in the steel pot.jpg

660 Time off downtown.jpg

661 Truck carrying a load.jpg

662 Used truck lot.jpg

663 Village off muddy road.jpg

664 Whole lot of barrells.jpg

665 Collage, Priming hole.jpg