001 Bob and Maria Wear with Norma D.JPG

002 Bob and Maria Wear, Norma Durbin.JPG

003 Bob Wear.JPG

004 br, Wingers, Johnson, Wissmiller, Delgado, Craven, Durbin, Taddy, fr, Smothers, Ebbing, Lang, Manders, Wear.JPG

005 Connie Manders, Pup, Jerry and Smo.JPG

006 Delgado, Taddy and Greg Lang.JPG

007 Ebbing and Smothers.JPG

008 Evie and Arnold Appel with John Craven.JPG

009 Evie and Arnold with John Craven.JPG

010 First timers Greg, Pete, Arnie and George.JPG

011 First timers, Delgado, Wingers, Appel and Taddy.JPG

012 Greg and Kathy Lang with Taddys, Wissmiller and Delgado.JPG

013 Greg Delgado and George Taddy.JPG

014 Greg Lang and Pete Wingers.JPG

015 Jerry Ebbing and Pup Manders.JPG

016 Ebbing, Pup Manders and Larry Smothers.JPG

017 John Craven, Bob Wear and Dan Wissmiller.JPG

018 Larry Smother, Pete Wingers and Marie Smothers.JPG

019 Lorene Taddy, Kathy Lang and Greg Lang.JPG

020 Missing one.JPG

021 Pete Wingers and Lorene Taddy.JPG

022 Posing for the camera.JPG

023 Pup Manders.JPG

024 Twelve of thirteen.JPG

025 Wear, Wissmiller, Craven, Delgado, Maria Wear and Norma Durbin.JPG

026 Wissmiler, Delgado and Taddy.JPG

027 Durbin in uniform for Military Rites.jpg

028 Greetings from Bob Wear.jpg

029 Group shot.jpg

030 Group shot2.jpg

031 Group shot3.jpg

032 Pete Wingers.jpg

033 Group shot without Arnold Appel.JPG

034 John Craven recital at the Market Street Inn.JPG

035 The whole group with Appel dubbed in by Wear.jpg