001 Misc. drop at ankhe, 1960s.jpg

002 Misc. Grouping from AIT Fort Leonard Wood.jpg

003 Misc. I Want You 1917 Library of Congress.jpg

099 Bob Hope Christmas USO Show with Raquel Welch Dec 1967.JPG

099 Bob Hope Died in 2003.jpg


Andreasen pic, 001 Andreasen & unknown, Pleiku, Engr. Hill.jpg

Andreasen pic, 002 Lady outside the motor pool, Pleiku.jpg

Andreasen pic, 003 Pleiku, 299th compound, Andreasen and short timer Motta.jpg

Boyle pic, 001 George Hazen in Full Military.jpg

CH 01 Charlie Heine.jpg

CH 02 Charlie Heine.jpg

CH 03 Charlie and others.jpg

CH 04 Charlie later in life.jpg

Dartis Judson pic 001 Dartis Judson.jpg

Dartis Judson pic, 002 Which 'Smitty' Smith.jpg

Dartis Judson pic, 003 Eddie 'Tommy' Thompson.jpg

Gray pic, 001 Ban Me Thuot, 1st Sgt Johnson & Sgt Appel.jpg

Gray pic, 002 Ban Me Thuot, new area.jpg

Gray pic, 003 Wayne Gray.jpg

Hamely Wadkins pic 001 Heliport at An Khe.jpg

Hamely Wadkins pic 002 World's largest heliport constructed by Co. A, 70th.jpg

Hamely Wadkins pic 003 Maj. Robinson, 1st Lt. Vought, Lt. Mudhara, Capt. Owens, 1st Sgt. Wadkins at bypass.jpg

Kluever pic, 001 An Khe, Kluever in Vietnam1.jpg

Kluever pic, 002 An Khe, Kluever in Vietnam2.jpg

Lang pic, 001, left, Greg Lang, right, Don Elkins.JPG

Lang pic, 002, Lang, Elkins, unknown, Collins.JPG

Lang pic, 003, Sgt Lemon, unknown kneeling, Lang, Collins, Broekema.JPG

Lang pic, 004, Lt Drislane, Sgt Lemon, Lang, Elkins, Broekema, unknown, Collins.JPG

Lehner photo 001, Kham Duc.jpg

Lehner photo 002, Kham Duc from the air.jpg

Lehner photo 003, Kham Duc on the ground.jpg

Lemler pic 001 Chriss Lemler at 299th Compound, Pleiku.jpg

Longhorn Road at Route 70 Ankhe Vietnam (Jan 1966) from web.JPG

McAlister, Joseph PFC.jpg

McClellan, Mike, AnKhe.jpg

Men of the Mann 01 Lt Arvis Dennis aboard the USS Mann.jpg

Men of the Mann 02 PFC Gerald Shoff with his washing on the line in AnKhe.jpg

Men of the Mann 03 PFC Gerald Shoff with some children down in AnKhe.jpg

Men of the Mann 04 SP4 Wayne Fruedenberger drinking coffe in the connex, unkn in back.jpg

Monk pic, 001 Hazen and Monk at Ban Me Thuot.jpg

Nation pic, 001 Alfred Nation, AnKhe, Oct 66.jpg

Paas pic, 001 Larry Funderburke.jpg

Paas pic, 002 We Made It-- Thanksgiving Day 1969, Cam Rahn Bay.jpg

Root pic, 001 Ban Me Thuot, Poirier, Plennert, Root.jpg

Smothers 001, Fire base on Hwy 509.jpg

Smothers 002, Larry gets his Purple Heart.jpg

Smothers 003, Larry on Hwy 509.jpg

Stevens pic, 001 Wilmer 'Bill' Lutz.JPG

Stoney1 James Stone working on bunker at Kham Duc.jpg

Stoney2 Stone & maybe Scheff & Bennett working on bunker.jpg

Stoney3 James Stone at Kham Duc.jpg

Stoney4 Looks like Edwin Greenwald working on bunker.jpg

Wayne Elkins Sr near Camp Reil-Davis.jpg

Windsor,Dennis on KP in An Khe 66-67.JPG

Yost1, Steve Reed & Steve 'Hillbilly' Perry.jpg

Yost2, MP Sgt Brown & David Yost.jpg

Yost3, Ronald Perkinson & David Yost.jpg

Yost4, George Hiller & David Yost.jpg