001 On Hwy 19-Nov 66.jpg

002 Hwy 19 Nov 66.jpg

003 Rat Pack Jeep Nov 66.jpg

004 Lt Wagner atop Mang Giang Pass- Old French Battlesite.jpg

005 CPT Hall -French Battlesite.jpg

006 Engr Chapel Construction-Dec 66.jpg

007 3rd Platoon-Dec 66.jpg

008 Engr Chapel nearly complete.jpg

009 Christmas Day 66.jpg

010 Hosting Orphans in Mess Hall Christmas 66.jpg

011 Orphans-Christmas 66.jpg

012 Co A BOQ Jan 67.jpg

013 Occupants of BOQ-Date Unknown.jpg

014 Beginning the IWCS Project Jan 67.jpg

015 Showing off IWCS to some General- Jan 67.jpg

016 Briefing General at IWCS.jpg

017 More Briefings.jpg

018 Lt Wagner Surveying - IWCS.jpg

019 Intricate welding for foundations at IWCS.jpg

020 Concrete ready Mix truck Vietnam style.jpg

021 Anyone remember humping this Mixer one batch at time forever.jpg

022 In the trenches-Engineer style.jpg

023 It is starting to get complicated.jpg

024 Now it is complicated.jpg

025 What is this gonna look like.jpg

026 Doesn't look so bad now.jpg

027 Worked all nite on concrete pours.jpg

028 Hard Work at nite.jpg

029 Finishing the slab.jpg

030 Erecting the generator building.jpg

031 Excavating for the antenna pad.jpg

032 Placing the concrete for the antenna.jpg

033 Lt Wagner and PSG Seago on IWCS site.jpg

034 Antenna in place.jpg

035 Top of Hon Cong Mountain.jpg

036 Humping sand, concrete and gravel in sandbags to Hon Cong antenna site.jpg

037 Antenna pad on Hon Cong-note the gerry rigged mixer made from three quarter ton differential.jpg

038 This was hard, hot work.jpg

039 Not sure what is going on here.jpg

040 Home is thataway.jpg