01-1a 937th Engineer Group (Combat) Nov. 1964 Ft. Campbell, KY.jpg

01-1b K. Schuler Ft. Campbell, KY.jpg

01-1c Cahalan, Schuler on the USS MANN Circa Aug. 1965.jpg

01-2a QuiNhon, Disembarking.jpg

01-2b QuiNhon, Beach.jpg

01-2c QuiNhon, Happy Valley.jpg

02-1a Supply Sgt Couch & CO Ted Yates, An Khe 1965.jpg

02-1b Doing laundry at An Khe.jpg

02-1c Camp Radcliff Gate, Dec'65.jpg

02-1c In front of Company A CP.jpg

02-1d AnKhe, Main Street.jpg

02-1e Panel bridge, setting pier.jpg

02-1f RT19, Rock Crushing.jpg

02-1g Working on airstrip.jpg

02-1h 70th Engineers playing Volleyball.jpg

02-1i Perimeter guard tower at Camp Radcliff.jpg

02-1j CO Jack Owens and 1st Sgt Hamely Wadkins, Jun 66.jpg

02-2a 3rd Platoon-Dec 66.jpg

02-2b Beginning the IWCS Project Jan 67.jpg

02-2c Anyone remember humping this Mixer one batch at time forever.jpg

02-2d Finishing the slab.jpg

02-2e Antenna in place.jpg

02-2f Top of Hon Cong Mountain.jpg

02-2g This was hard, hot work.jpg

02-2h E-6 Birchfield, Lt Wagner, Cpt Hall & PSgt Seago.jpg

05-1a Typical housing at Kham Duc.jpg

05-1b Kham Duc, Camp Conroy, A Co home.jpg

05-1c Kham Duc, A Co TOC entrance.jpg

05-1d Kham Duc, C-124 D-7 offloading.jpg

05-1e Kham Duc, soil cement runway repair.jpg

05-1f Kham Duc, mixing soil cement.jpg

05-2a Kham Duc, CH-47 shot down next to A Co perimeter.jpg

05-2b Kham Duc, 3rd & last day of NVA attack.jpg

05-2c Kham Duc, next to runway waiting for our ride out of KD.jpg

07-1a Battalion Base Camp, Ban Me Thuot, Oct 68.jpg

08-1a Camp Reil-Davis Early On.jpg

08-1b Mamasan's Pop Stand.jpg

08-1c Dennis Harle's A Co. Sign.jpg

08-1d Early On Tent Living.jpg

08-1e Lady Pulling Guard by Tent.jpg

08-1f Christmas 1968.jpg

08-1g Digging Out for Bunker Construction.jpg

08-1h Building Bunkers.jpg

08-1i Nearing Bunker Completion.jpg

08-1j Lady Pulling Guard by Bunker.jpg

08-1k Old Tanker Shower.jpg

08-1l Reil-Davis West view.jpg

08-1m Reil-Davis North View.jpg

08-1n Taps at Reil-Davis.jpg