001 7am leaving Nha Trang northbound Hwy 1.JPG

002 Proceeding north toward Ninh Hoa.jpg

003 Monkey Mountains off the coast of Ninh Hoa.JPG

004 Making our way through Ninh Hoa.JPG

005 Rice farmer along QL26 (old QL21) westbound to The Pass.JPG

006 One of many brick kilns along QL26.JPG

007 Old French bunker near Duc My along QL26.JPG

008 Entering The Pass.JPG

009 One hour of winding roads through The Pass.JPG

010 Our motorcycle police escort.JPG

011 Many switchbacks in The Pass.JPG

012 The Pass is still dangerous.JPG

013 Bridge 21 as we near M'Drak (old Khanh Duong).jpg

014 M'Drak district entry point - 40 miles in 2 Hrs.jpg

015 Entering M'Drak (old Khanh Duong).jpg

016 Turning left off QL26 to M'Drak District Offices.jpg

017 D.O.V.E. envoy and M'Drak officials meet.JPG

018 Mr. Phan Van Chan, Chair M'Drak People's Committee greets us.JPG

019 Group photo op before driving to the school dedication.JPG

020 Former Camp Reil-Davis one half mile on left.JPG

021 Right turn before Camp R-D heading toward school.JPG

022 Crossing the river near the old water point area.jpg

023 The school is near the foot of these mountains.JPG

024 Entrance to the school grounds on the left.jpg

025 Hoang Van Thu Junior High School entrance.JPG

026 School building circa August 2008.jpg

027 Color guard and drum corps await our arrival.jpg

028 Everyone is ready for our procession.JPG

029 Students salute us and march in place.jpg

030 We are treated as dignitaries.JPG

031 Smiles and salutes - a wonderful reception.jpg

032 Color guard and drum corps reach the podium.JPG

033 Translation - Dedication Ceremony, building with 6 classrooms, Hoang Van Thu Junior High School, EaMlay, April 29, 2009.JPG

034 Honorees Do Nguyen, John & Gail Craven, Adrienne Craven Bell.JPG

035 Honorees Adrienne, Pat Youngs (Wayne Elkins Sr.'s widow), Tracy & Wayne Elkins Jr..JPG

036 The bearers of bouquets stand by.JPG

037 Students deliver the bouquets.JPG

038 Pat, Tracy & Wayne receive their bouquets.JPG

039 Principal, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ly in blue and studetns.JPG

040 More of the students - 284 in total - grades 6-9.jpg

041 Teachers and students share enthusiasm.jpg

042 Principal welcomes D.O.V.E. envoy and local officials.jpg

043 Three talented students begin our entertainment.jpg

044 A young crooner sings for us.JPG

045 Two dancers in preparation.JPG

046 A beautiful, free form dance.JPG

047 A budding songstress.JPG

048 She is beautiful and sings beautifully.JPG

049 The teachers perform a powerful song.JPG

050 Do Nguyen is asked to sing in his native tongue.JPG

051 Do sings with great passion.JPG

052 Principal delivers her formal Thank You.JPG

053 John & Gail reflecting...1969-2009.jpg

054 Do explains the reason behind the school project.JPG

055 John challenges the teachers to demand the best of their students.JPG

056 John challenges the students to succeed and help others less fortunate.JPG

057 Pat and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dien, Vice Chair PC begin the ribbon cutting.JPG

058 John and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dien continue cutting.jpg

059 Wayne Elkins Jr. and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dien finish cutting the ribbon.JPG

060 Congratulations time - John and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dien.JPG

061 Unveiling the plaque - John and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Dien.JPG

062 A tender moment of realization.JPG

063 A moment of emotional support.JPG

064 Davenport-Elkins-McLaughlin are memorialized.JPG

065 Pat and John present 16 scholarships.JPG

066 Each student receives a D.O.V.E. Fund school packet.JPG

067 Adrienne, Gail & John present Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ly soccer balls and English-Vietnamese dictionaries.jpg

068 Pat Youngs plants the living memorial.JPG

069 Tracy Elkins plants the living memorial.JPG

070 Wayne Elkins Jr. plants the living memorial.JPG

071 Each of the 6 classes sing lively songs for us.JPG

072 We clap to the rhythm of their songs.JPG

073 EaMlay commune children look on.jpg

074 Fred Grimm, Past D.O.V.E. Chair, shows his broken thumb trick.JPG

075 One final salute and smile as we begrudgingly depart.jpg

076 Celebration lunch at the People's Committee Offices.JPG

077 Developing a new relationship.JPG

078 Toasting a fine dedication and a new friendship.JPG

079 Wayne & Tracy reflect on our day during dinner.JPG

080 Words not required....JPG