001 SP4 Yell, June 1967.jpg

002 Scenery on Hwy 509, Nov 67.jpg

003 Scenery on Hwy 509, Nov 67.jpg

004 Hwy 509 Local boys on lowboy, Nov 67.jpg

005 Scenery on Hwy 509 Nov 67.jpg

006 Scenery on Hwy 509 Nov 67.jpg

007 Double rainbow,at East end of 509, Nov 67.jpg

008 Young girl with water, Nov 67 buffalo.jpg

009 Sandbag Ladies was paid $1 per day, would not work until they got lunch included, Nov 67.jpg

010 Hwy 509 Cattle grazing, Nov 67.jpg

011 Hwy 509 Calf up close, Nov 67.jpg

012 Hwy 509 Young with calf, Nov 67.jpg

013 Rod Friday (Stg. Rock) and young lady, Nov 67.jpg

014 Hwy 509 Sunset, Nov 67.jpg

015 Hwy 509 Perimeter wire, Nov 67.jpg

016 Hwy 509 Perimeter at sunset, Nov 67.jpg

017 Hwy 509 Large flying insect, Nov 67.jpg

018 Hwy 509 Unhappy local child, Nov 67.jpg

019 Hwy 509 Teeter tottering on culvert, Nov 67.jpg

020 Hwy 509 Shady spot for two youngsters, Nov 67.jpg

021 Pretty shrine, May 68.jpg

022 An Khe, Brownie & Kennedy.jpg

023 An Khe, Brownie winning the war.jpg

025 Melvin Morey in truck, May 68.jpg

026 Rich Minikus in 299th Compound, May 68.jpg

027 Young and Brown, May 68.jpg

028 Harper and Kennedy in the 299th compound, May 68.jpg

029 Rich Minikus., May 68.jpg

030 Leaving for Vietnam, Mar 67.jpg

031 Young leaving for Vietnam, Mar 67.jpg

032 Looks like sand at Cam Ranh, Apr 67.jpg

033 AnKhe Sky Crane, Apr 67.jpg

034 An Khe, Hon Cong Mt. at night, Apr 67.jpg

035 An Khe, A Company looking towards Bn HQ, Apr 67.jpg

036 An Khe, BN Pet Show, Apr 67.jpg

037 An Khe, BN Pet Show, Apr 67.jpg

038 An Khe, BN Pet Show, Apr 67.jpg

039 An Khe, BN Pet Show Rooster, Apr 67.jpg

040 An Khe, BN Pet Show Monkey, Apr 67.jpg

041 An Khe, BN Pet Show Winners 3-cases to First Place ETC, Apr 67.jpg

042 An Khe, big mosquito hovers over Company area, Apr 67.jpg

043 An Khe, getting dark, Apr 67.jpg

044 An Khe, getting dark, Apr 67.jpg

045 An Khe, getting dark, Apr 67.jpg

046 An Khe, Quarry, Apr 67.jpg

047 An Khe, Quarry, Apr 67.jpg

048 Unknown, Jones shooting basketball, Nov 67.jpg

049 Tennis anyone, Nov 67.jpg

050 Waterway somewhere, Nov 67.jpg

051 Vegetation along the road, Nov 67.jpg

052 Dog at the 299th, Nov 67.jpg

053 Dog at the 299th, Nov 67.jpg

054 Night scene, Nov 67.jpg

055 Kids along the road double exposure, Nov 67.jpg

056 Pleiku, truck along the road, Nov 67.jpg

057 Off loading dozer, Nov 67.jpg

058 Montagnard along the road, Nov 67.jpg

059 Village kids along the road, Nov 67.jpg

060 Farm land, Nov 67.jpg

061 Three local boys, Nov 67.jpg

062 Local gang with Charles Hawes, PSgt Note in back, Nov 67.jpg

063 Local transportation, Nov 67.jpg

064 Dozers in a row, Nov 67.jpg

065 Rod Friday with Kids, Nov 67.jpg

066 Young and Ben Yell, 9-67.jpg

067 McKeighan, Comapny Clerk in An Khe 9-67.jpg

068 Chapel in early morning fog, 9-67.jpg

069 Company dog on sand pile in front of CP, 9-67.jpg

070 Houseboys, 9-67.jpg

071 Terry Majors & Richie DiRusso 9-67.jpg

072 Terry Majors & Richie DiRusso 9-67.jpg

072 Two seat barber shop, no waiting, 9-67.jpg

073 An Khe, the new CP under construction.jpg

074 An Khe, new CP, 9-67.jpg

075 Security around perimeter, 9-67.jpg

076 An Khe or Mang Yang Pass, 9-67.jpg

077 Shell station, 9-67.jpg

078 Unkn, Harper, Friday, unkn.jpg

079 Unkn, Harper, Friday, unkn, Manders on rt.jpg

080 Cooking steaks, Cooper, Manders, Mahacek,Powell, Young, unkn, Motta.jpg

081 Cooking steaks,Weirdo, Motta, unkn, Kennedy, Wright.jpg

082 Cooking steaks, Cooper, Mahacek, Smitty, Young, Manders, unkn, Motta, unkn.jpg

083 Cooking steaks, Mahacek, Young, Powell, Manders, Motta, rest unkn.jpg

084 Cooking steaks, Smitty, Mahacek, Manders, Young, Powell, Unkn, Motta.jpg

085 Cooking steaks, Unknowns, Pritchard & Friday on rt.jpg

086 Young on the beach in Cam Ranh, last day.jpg

087 Beach at Cam Rahn.jpg

088 Beach at Cam Rahn.jpg

089 Young on the beach, last day in Vietnam.jpg

090 Gun truck, the Bounty Hunter.jpg

091 Gun truck, the Bounty Hunter.jpg

092 Gun truck, the Bounty Hunter.jpg

093 Dust Devil at Camp Holloway.jpg

094 Unknown, new arrival before Young left.jpg

095 Freedom Bird at Pleiku.jpg

096 Downed chopper at Camp Holloway.jpg

097 299th compound, Bowen and Tate.jpg

098 Base camp at Pleiku.jpg

099 Happy young boy.jpg

100 Temple site at Bangkok Thailand.jpg

101 Temple site at Bangkok Thailand.jpg

102 One of Lady's pups.jpg

103 Trenches Tet Offensive, 1968.jpg

104 Flying into Bangkok.jpg

105 Flying into where.jpg

106 Passenger processing, going home, Cam Rahn.jpg

107 Shelling on Hwy 509 maybe.jpg

108 Waldo, Mahacek, Szuhay and others.jpg

109 Runway back home in KC.jpg

110 Flying over the world.jpg

111 Going home over Okinawa.jpg

112 Jeep driver, Hawes.jpg

113 R&R to Bangkok.jpg

114 Village shop.jpg

115 Small village heading out on 509.jpg

116 Barrier light work at Camp Holloway.jpg

117 Camp site on Hwy 509.jpg

118 Convoy through village.jpg

119 Truck washpoint at Pleiku.jpg

120 Hwy 509.jpg

121 Sunrise somewhere.jpg

122 Downtown where.jpg

123 Girlfriend Jackie, Downtown shop, Pleiku.jpg

124 Youngsters along the road.jpg

125 Youngster needs a pair of pants.jpg

126 Brownie looking goofy.jpg

127 Security for the land clearing, bridge site 509.jpg

128 Sunrise or sunset on Hwy 509.jpg

129 On the road to where.jpg

130 On the road through where.jpg

131 Scenery along the road.jpg

132 Scenery along the road.jpg

133 Pleiku, 299th compound.jpg

134 Montagnard village.jpg

135 Hwy 509 camp site.jpg

136 Crossing the bridge.jpg

137 Sgt Friday fixing dinner.jpg

138 Put a bridge over this.jpg

139 Hwy 509 camp site.jpg

140 Sunrise or sunset.jpg

141 Twilight on Hwy 509.jpg

142 Young at the 299th compound.jpg

143 Downtown Pleiku.jpg

144 Local girl along Hwy 509.jpg

145 Local girl along Hwy 509.jpg

146 Brownie shotgun and Hatch driving dozer on Hwy 509.jpg

147 Bartering downtown.jpg

148 Our gal Lady.jpg

149 Hawes, Manders and Friday.jpg

150 Bombing run on Hwy 509.jpg

151 Security on Hwy 509.jpg

152 Flying over Telluride, Colo.jpg

153 Artie P.Mahacek.jpg

154 Nasty little boys.jpg

155 Sgt. Rock and Young.jpg